St. Louis Cemeteries 2

Behind St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, by 5-6 blocks are Cemetery 2 Located onto three separate City Blocks, by the Freeway and a not very desirable neighborhood. Although we never had an issue.

Each sign says the same thing for 3 and 4 as well

These three didn’t require a guide, but I would highly recommend anyway. We used Save or Cemeteries. A great organization dedicated to the preservation of the old cemeteries all over Louisiana. The historical figures of New Orleans Birth. History and flamboyance are ever interred in these Cemeteries.

First Native born Governor of Louisiana Jacques Phillippe Villere

While the reflection looks cool, it also shows how much the walls have sunk. Those bottoms are almost 12” in the ground, since the 1960’s

(Caution, no political correctness follows) No. 2 ‘houses’ mostly white/native folks. No. 3 would be considered European/foreigners and No. 4 the people of darker skin (Jamaican, Haitian, African). All are no less important to the growth and History of New Orleans. Governors, Veterans of the War of 1812, Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam...and folks who made their own History

Intrepid warrior on land and sea in a hundred combats showed his valor this new bayard without reproch or fear could have witnessed the ending of the world without trembling. Dominique You was Jean Layfette’s Lieutenant at the Battle of New Orleans in 1812.

Sorry it is sideways, the only way to read clearly.

One of the more flamboyant-beloved characters of New Orleans

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