Places I’d Rather Be!

My favorite places to go & visit!

There’s so many places I’d rather be than just sitting around. Let me show you the places I love most and why!

Seattle, WA Not much of a city girl, but Seattle is amazing! There’s so much to do and so many great people. One of my favorite cities.

Glacier Park - Going To The Sun Road, MT One of my favorite drives ever, I will never get old of this place. From the beautiful scenery, to all the wildlife you can’t beat something like this.

Big Mountain (Whitefish Mountain), MT So so fun all year long! Skiing to hiking to mountain biking to family fun. I appreciate this place so much. Love sitting on the chairlift while I admire the view.

Wayfarer’s State Park, MT Also one of my favorites.... great place to swim, hike, and even relax. Love the rocky beaches and cliffs.

Lavender Festival, WA This is a great event! Loved smelling and enjoying the lovely lavender. Even got to pick some to bring home. Such an amazing experience.

South Fork River, MT Such great fishing. One of my favorite spots to fly fish. Even spotted a grizzly bear across the river from us!

Whitefish Trails, MT Easy, short hike. Great for family. I love this hike because you get nothing but trees and wildlife, and also a little river on the end of the trail.

Green Sand Beach, HI This was my favorite beach I’ve ever been to. The sand was literally GREEN! The water was great and we even got to hike 5 miles to the beach which I loved.

Turtle Bay, HI I loved this! I got right up close to a turtle and I love turtles. We saw about 50 in one day and definitely was a great experience.

Above Montana Flying right above Montana, I love all the pretty colors of the land and the lake. So cool flying over the state in the summer.

Stillwater River, MT Right I’m my back yard! I love living right on the river, everyday fishing and pretty views like this. So gorgeous.

Three Arch Bay, CA I loved all the arches near the ocean, seriously felt so tropical. So many caves and we even saw two whales near the shore!

Ruby Beach, WA This was taken later in the summer, about September. Still super nice! Such a great beach and definitely would go back.

Foys Lake, MT Love kayaking on this lake! Only about 10 mins away from my house and it’s such a great adventure to see all the houses and scenery.

Smith Lake, MT This is also a great hike in Whitefish. A bit longer hike, about 6 miles. But so worth it!! Hiking is amazing.

Wanderlust.... (n) A strong desire or urge to travel and explore the world.


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