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School’s out for summer

So you’re in a house just outside Oxford and have a couple of days to spend in this hallowed temple of knowledge where all the learned people are on vacation, just as you are. What things to see and do in those 48 hours in order to feel a connection with this city?

Let’s just start in High St...

Where just around the corner the Radcliffe Eye meets the Bodleian Library and All Saints College in all sorts of angles.

The library’s Divinity School gained new fame through the Harry Potter movies.

A bit further down High St you find Oxford University’s botanical garden - a haven of tranquility and colour.

But where to hide from that sudden burst of rain?

The Ashmolean with its architectonical splendour and classical beauty!

You haven’t really seen Oxford without visiting one of its many colleges. But which one? The famous Harry Potter one? Or the one that truly has it all? A breathtaking court and hall, gorgeously detailed buildings, a garden that stretches all the way down to the River Cherwell. And the best name - Magdalen (pronounced as ‘maudlin’). It proves to be your best choice of the day.

The chapel is your final stop of the grounds. And it’s spectacular. Especially when the organ plays.

Bye bye, Magdalen, you were a delight. And now it’s onwards to your final stop - the quaint History of Science Museum.

You leave the city by strolling along the Thames, past the boat houses belonging to Oxford’s rowing clubs, and wave goodbye.


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