The name Balat is probably derived from Greek palation (palace). When I told my Turkish friend that I would like to see how the local people lived in İstanbul, I was suggested to visit this area.

Located on the shore of Golden Horn, Balat is one of Istanbul’s historic neighborhoods.

Perhaps the most iconic part of Balat is the district ‘s colorful houses along sloppy cobbled streets.

A district that has traditionally been home to minorities in Istanbul, with many Jewish and Greek families.

From hawkers selling in the streets, man smoking Shisha or visitors enjoying Turkish coffee or tea at hipster cafes, there are always find something happening in Balat.

Students from nearby university

Friends and neighbors

Beautiful faces make a place remarkable

Special people met on my birthday

...and fate let us cross our paths

When Koray Kara asked to exchange Instagram, then we found out that we had been friends already.

Best wishes

♥️ Eirik Fung Photography March 2019

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