My forms and marks live in a luminous and transparent environment. Their primary focus is on rhythm and cadence that I try to convey through color, line, and forms. -- Rana Rochat

Rana Rochat’s surfaces gleam, although they are created with a depth of marks and layers that belies the actual material density. The forms, shapes and marks that inhabit her imagery feel familiar yet resist specificity. Her method of layering wax and paint on panel creates intense luminosity and dimensionality, and furthers opportunities for her marks and drips to punctuate, intersect and build upon each other.

Of her work, Rochat says, “Within an environment of deep light and color, my goal is to create an experience that is pre-verbal -- promoting pictorial awareness instead of any explicit formatting of perceptual experiences into narratives. I like to think of my paintings as visual poems.”

The paintings move away from the cartoon-like shapes in her older work. Rochat achieves an openness that allows space and lighter colors and textures to play a more prominent role. The whimsical nature of her work is not lost. Without defined foregrounds or backgrounds, they exist as cohesive, lyrical environments of fluid lines, responsive gestures and inventive forms.

A native Memphian, Rochat graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in printmaking and painting. She headed to New York and her t-shirt business, intended only to make a living, ballooned into a thriving business. She returned to painting 20 years ago. Her work is exhibited frequently in Memphis, Atlanta, Calgary, Boston, Seattle, and Ketchum, Idaho. Collections across the United States, from San Francisco to Charlotte to Miami, boast her work. ​

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