waterfalls, sunsets and animals


I visited Zimbabwe during what the media called ”a political and financial crisis”. At first it seemed like a stupid decision to visit a country that was in that situation, but when I finally decided to go there it was nothing like the media had told me it was. I was told that there was going to be at least seventeen military roadblocks on the road from the border to Victoria Falls but I only saw one. My visit was like nothing the media told me it was going to be. It was fantastic. There were amazing sunsets, very kind people and lots of animals.

Rhino Tracking

As I visited a camp in Matopu Hills I got offered a personal Rhino Tracking experience with a local guide who works all day with protecting the rhinos from poaching. He told me about how he managed to live eight months a year without his two daughters and wife while earning almost nothing. The guide, Sebastian, is a real hero and someone who inspired me a lot.

This trip to Zimbabwe taught me something very important; don’t trust everything the media tells you. Zimbabwe may have been in a political and financial crisis but I almost did’nt notice that at all during my week driving through the country. The one thing I noticed was that it was almost impossible to withdraw cash. You could only withdraw 20$ a week and in some rural places they did’nt take credit card. There were almost no roadblocks or protests and the people I met were very kind.

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