Interior Trends


Boho , Boho Chic and Haute Bohemian

TERRAZZO coffee tables, claddings, tiles. Terrazzo decors in wallpaper and carpet


Marcel Wanders Mondrian Doha

Todderidge mansion Read more

CURVES AND SMOOTH EDGES comfort and elegance

NATURE INDOORS Wood, stone, marble, wool, leather, brass

Authentic materials

Real wood, stone, marble, wool, jute, cashmere, artisan rugs, velvet juxtaposed, brass, iron, gold-plated metals, Not the fake but the real thing with its natural defects, sustainably sourced materials. « It is hip to hate fake » Therefore, if fake, it should be good.

Authentic stuff comes with its inconveniences


« Authentic people »

1. Consistent in words and actions 2. Transparent, honest, assertive 3. Reciprocal relationships 4. Open minded 5. Make others feel at ease 6. Not superficial 7. Not swayed by material objectives 8. Take personal responsibility 9. Cultivate meaningful relationships 10. Not driven by ego Brian d’Angelo

Enthusiasm for GREEN, as a color and as an ethos


KITCHENS Darker natural hues instead of white, raw material shine on their own: wood, stone, shiplap, jute


TIN surfaces

Artisanal and tribal furniture/decorations or, beyond, for 2020, bestial art

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