We had the most beautiful weather last week. Three days of brilliant sunshine. Weather you don’t expect in the final days of February. On Tuesday, I wrapped up work a bit early to take the lads for a walk along the sea front. We bussed across town and headed to the harbour, parking ourselves on a bench to take in the sunlight and enjoy the calm. It was so blue and so mild. But the most amazing thing was the sea.

You can normally gaze over the Firth of Forth to Fife, but instead there was a sea mist gliding over the water, picking up the colours from the diffused sunlight so that it glowed pink.

It was the most beautiful, gentle, mesmerising light, giving the surface of the sea a pearlescent sheen.

I stood at the water’s edge, soaking it in. (You can see just a tiny contrail edging into shot at the end of this video.)

And so we set out on our walk. There were other people around, but it wasn’t busy. Most people were doing the same thing: watching the light shift. A few had settled along the edge of the dunes, simply observing. Looking west, back past the harbour towards Edinburgh, the sky glowed orange. Looking north and east, the sky wore the softest lilac.

This was only a short walk, but wow. Light like this - and moments like these - leave you feeling recharged.

Shot on iPhone

26 February 2019

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