Overlooked isle of Aegean Greece

It isn’t a rock star among Greek islands. It doesn’t have the glam-chic scene of Mykonos, nor the breathtaking landscape of Santorini or the unthinkably deep history of Delos. Paros does have something, however, that the others don’t. A little bit of everything. And a fraction of the tourists. What follows is a glimpse at a Greek isle with a range of wonders that’s often overlooked in favor of more glamorous neighbors.

Naousa, Paros

Church of Panaya of Ekatontapiliani in Paros.

Paros is the main city on the island of Paros and the largest port. During the high season, visitors seeking beaches and waterfront nightlife catch the bus or a cab over to the village of Naousa. The town also is home to the island’s largest winemaker, Moraitis Winery.

Moraitis Winery, Naousa

Among the common delicacies of the Cyclades are saganaki (fried cheese) and fried sardines. Meals tend to be more about the snackable foods. And wine.



Paroikia Frankish Castle, Paros


Shopping in Paros


Most of the sea ferries that connect the islands stop at Paros first. There’s also regular ferry service several times a day to the nearby neighboring island of Antiparos.

  • richardbangs

    Oh no. Now it no longer overlooked...but it is stunning!

  • NoBorderLens

    So did you get lucky and no one was there? The total lack of crowds of people has me sold to go now

  • SpudHilton

    We spent half the time in Paros and half in nearby Naxos and in both cases, shoulder seasons seem to be the way to go.

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    😉 This Is Great

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    Paros is great! We went there last year and loved the hiking. Nearby Antiparos is really nice too!

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    So pretty!