Belgium Special Olympics


I joined a 10-day workcamp in Belgium. This is one of the most memorable experiences in my life.

We're a group of 8 people from different countries and cultural backgrounds. We've been through a lot in these 2 weeks.

Small Things Make Big Change.

We did not stay in a luxury hotel and have fancy meals. But what we’ve learnt is much more valuable than that.

We worked very hard for the preparation of the sports games designed for the people with disability in Belgium.

It was 30 degrees Celsius. We worked outdoors for 4 consecutive days.

We even got food poisoning together haha!

I don’t really know how could we move all these heavy stuff when I loved back now ahah!

Can you see how happy the athlete is? Our sweets and hard work totally worth it!

During the game, we need to help assist the athletes to participate in the the game. Because most of them cannot take care of themselves well.

Although I can’t speak French, I support them with my sincere smile. I cheer them up regardless of their performance.

Language is not a communication barrier.

People can communicate through music and dancing.

Or with a warm smile:)

It took us 30 mins to put one blanket...

We got hurt.

We are the same breakfast everyday.

But we have brought happiness to the all the athletes from the Special Olympics.

Small things make big impact.

If everyone in the world would love to care more about each other

The world would be a BETTER place:)

Java GIRL 2018 y” all amazing!!!