*** Ecuador unique

▶ A few years Ago when I was still in the undergraduation course, I was hounded by my research team to attend a scientific congress in Quito - Ecuador. ▶ My parentes and I took the opportunity to take a family trip.

▶ The adventure began in Manaus. ▶ However, The plane tickets to Ecuador were so expensive.

▶ So, we dicided to drive to Caracas in Venezuela where the tickets to Ecuador were cheaper.

▶ We cross the road through the Amazon rainforest...

...and The open filds of the extreme north of Brazil.

▶ At the and of the day we arrived at the Brazil - Venezuela border.

▶ We enjoyed the landscapes of La Gran Sabana on south Venezuela.

▶ We spent the night in a scary hostel...

▶ After a Lot of road we finally arrived in Caracas.

▶ When we arrived we ran to the airport to not miss the flight

▶ Finally in Quito.

▶ Papers presented succefully at the congress.

▶ In the following days we made technical visits to rural communities nearby with local experts.

▶ The objective was to improve the subsistence conditional of tradicional communities.

▶ After the hard work on the field it's time to make new friends.

▶ In the last days meet the beautful colonial architecture with family.

▶ Calle La Ronda.

▶ Quechua, the sacred tree of Incas.

▶ For me this trip is even more unforgettable becouse It was the last trip I did with my father who died shortly after.

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  • richardbangs

    I'm so glad you did this with your dad. I know he loved the dancing.