Ibiza/ Eivissa and me.


The trip to Ibiza/Eivissa took one month and four days. One month and 4 days of my life were stolen. It looks like a fairy-tale but actually I entitled it as "Paradise in Hell". So let's open the door leading to Eden. Or Hell.

God sees all of us

The sky tried to warn. I already knew what it was gonna be. Still I wanted to have a glimpse on that beauty.

The places we were guests were amazing. Right?

I liked the weather though it was too stuffy, too hot. I liked the people though they were bossy. I liked my life though I knew I didn't deserve to be abused.

Big city life meets cheerfully at dawn. Good morning my lovely Spain. I already ๐Ÿ’— you.

Pacha Disco awaits you at night. Here you will never be alone. Like thousands of other people.

The best food. New tastes. New smells. New everything. The same me.

When something good happens, give it double, please. The story was the following: the man in a jaguar costume was walking gracefully along the city centre, I was sitting at the cafe with my collegues as suddenly the wild animal rashed to embrace namely me. It was the best day among long and hard days. Man, if you see our picture, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You saved me that evening!

Days and nights were sun- and moonflavoured.

Only look at those deep green- and bluecoloured see.

This one of the greatest memory of mine. I had a one-hour trip for 6.5 Euro on one of these little yahts. One hour of complete freedom! Only wind, water and me! Life is awesome!

No comments needed. Pure romantic .

Nice smile and nice local Art.

Marvellous view

Can you imagine such a view when you just go out to put away trash from the house?)

The view from the roof. Right after rain. I adore rain. I adore you, Spain. 4ever in my heart

The creature on my way became my friend. No matter our friendship lasted just a moment. I remember each one on my life path.

Keeping in touch with nature.

One months and four days. I will never forget that long and hard but absolutely beautiful August days. You know what price was paid for that beauty? The highest price the person can pay - freedom. One month and four days I had not a day off being busy from dawn till late night. It is called being an Au-Pair in the family which accept no rules. Were thr sold days worth of such a victim? Such a price was paid for us to see such a beauty.

The ring that I was searching to find in dreams while being asleep โ™กโ™คโ™งโ—‡ I found in Eivissa. Nine years I have in on my left hand and never remove it.

The trip to Ibiza was the farthest trip ever taken by me. It was the hardest experience as well. I remember one night I was made to wash up the dishes at a. m. when we came back home with my guest family... But each and every day looking through the window-blinds, I felt blessed. And I promised to myself that one day I will come to see similar nature beauty but not as a slave but as free as a bird! God knows only when)

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