Yetty’s Adventures in Kwara State, Nigeria#

My firsthand experience. #CRESTcontest

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page”

St.Augustine (AD 354 -480)

It was a trip to explore some tourist sites in Kwara State, Nigeria. The means of transport was by train from Lagos. I spent over 15hours on the train. Although long and exhaustive, the curiosity of my expectations was overwhelming and the tourism spirit was really cheerful. The train moved and the adventures began...

At the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) Lagos terminus station, I boarded a first class train ticket to Ilorin, Kwara State. On the train, with other tourists, we chanted and sang songs, other passengers joined in the chorus. It was a beautiful experience as various individuals with diverse backgrounds connected. Tourism unites!

Arriving at Kwara State, I visited some natural, cultural and man made sites; 1. Emir’s of Ilorin’s Palace 2. Traditional Textile weaving center 3. Owu waterfalls

The Emir’s Palace is home to the tambari court where the tambari drum is beaten to wake the Emir at specific days and also beaten during certain cultural events. It also houses a mini zoo and other cultural artifacts. Check out the Ostrich saying “Cheese” in the group picture. Also, watch as I beat the tambari drum. I hope I won’t wake the Emir this time.😁

The traditional textile weaving center is a compound where a group of families, mostly men ranging from 9-60years, work together to weave the locally made textile. Here, the local attire known in Yoruba language as the “aso-Oke” is produced and transported to various parts of the country. Of course I got one for myself and another for you too. “Smiles”. Also see the youngest weaver in the community and the boat shuttle and needle used in weaving.

The journey to Owu waterfalls was a definition of an adventure. The terrain to the falls is sloppy and the roads are rocky and not tarred. Unfortunately, it rained earlier causing small pockets of water on the roads. The bus got hitched in the ditch, here we spent over 2 hours trying to pull the bus out. Eventually, the bus was pulled out and the shower at the falls was really, truly refreshing.

No doubt, I had a lot to take home. Pictures, videos, and the local attire (aso-oke). Also, I made new friends. There was a lot of cultural exchange. I learnt a new language and how to communicate with the people of Ilorin. The people are very warm and friendly. We lodged at Ephoenix hotel which felt more like home. Their cuisine is also very tasty, I must commend. And lest I forgot, the local weavers got more orders, over 200 orders of the Aso-Oke after I posted the video online. This amongst other tours, remains my best and the memory lingers evergreen... Yetty’s Adventures in Kwara State, Nigeria.

How many pages have you read so far?

  • richardbangs

    how did you get the ostrich to say Cheese? Amazing!

  • Yettymami

    I Just said cheese and then cheese😁 Thanks for the follow.