Land of wonders #CRESTContest

There are at least one flight to Chabahar daily at Mehrabad Airport Bringing you from Tehran to Chabahar . In Chabahar you can use local leaders. They know the whole area well and give you full guidance and receive less money from you. You can book a hotel or stay in traditional homes where the owners are indigenous. We stayed in these traditional homes. You pay less money to local people for accommodation and meals. Staying in traditional homes is completely in your favor, because they are cheaper, and in this way you help the indigenous economy and you enjoy more relaxation in their homes. I know a few of them that I introduce you if you want ،

My friends and I traveled to Chabahar in the January of 2019. Chabahar is located in southern Iran .chabahar in the Persian language means the land of four spring.

The Mars’s mountains

At first, we went to the Mars’s Mountains along the coastal road. The Chabahar Mars’s mountains are an amazing nature view of Iran that evokes an image of Mars in the mind. The road leading you to the is Mars’s mountains one of the most beautiful roads in Iran.

the view Mars’s mountains From inside of Wicker house

We visited the fig tree of the temples.. The branches of this strange tree come back from the top to the ground and fall back into the soil, growing up another stem out of their place. The figs of the temples are over 100 years old. The skin is smooth and gray with large leaves and the fruit is orange. It is used in the treatment of oral and digestive dermatological diseases in different parts of the tree. Buddhists believe that Prince Seyyed Hartha is contemplated by sitting under the bright tree and has since become a Buddha, and for this reason, this tree is holy.

the tropical fruit garden

We went to the tropical fruit garden of Bananas, Mangoes ,and Papayas. We bought these fruits and made them very happy The local people of Chabahar are very kindly and friendly. They invite tourists to their own homes for eating . they cook tourists' order and cater to tourists with a variety of southern foods. They benefit from the sale of fruits.

These beautiful lovely girls who help us and make friends. #CRESTContest

Darak Desert

Darak Desert

Early morning we went to the beautiful desert that we see the sunrise. The name of this beautiful desert is DARAK. DARAK the intersection of the desert and the sea, There you can sleep on the sand, get the negative energy to soil and give positive energy from it. We ate breakfast in the desert and enjoyed the early morning weather and the sun shining. We took magic photos.

You can take beautiful photos because these place has differences hight hills. Those guys who wear white dresses were our leader and taxi drivers who were indigenous people.

We watched the sunset together and planned for our next trip.


Lipar lake (Pink lake) is one of the beautiful and natural areas of Sistan and Balouchestan, with a spectacular view located in 15 kilometers east of Chabahar and on the Chabahar-Goiter coastal road. The pink lake contains salt and salt water. #CRESTContest

Some of the guys in front of the pink lake called for us the old Balochi song. They were very happy that we listened to their singing #CRESTContest

Local peoples help their family's economy by selling salt lake for salt therapy. We bought them salt .

Watching small boats in Brice beach

Brice Beach

sunset in Brice beach

Sunset in brice beach

A mud volcano

A mud volcano is a natural phenomenon which a mud from the basement is sprung to the surface of the earth and takes the shape of circle. These volcano are located 95 kilometers west of Bandar Konarak and have three small hills, one of which is similar to the volcano and is currently active.

A mud volcano #CRESTContest

Silver Blue Beach

At night, the beach gets silver blue from the light of the phytoplankton, and it can not be found anywhere in the world, except Maldives. Phytoplanktons are creatures that, when the sea becomes drooping, become uneasy and emit light from themselves and illuminate the shore at night.

Gando( short muzzle crocodile)

Gando the most outstanding of the natural habitat of the Chabahar region, which naturally lives in this area. Of course, we could not see Gando Because our stay was over.

Our memorable and exciting journey was over. I hope your next destination is Chabahar, so you can see the beautiful scenery of the Chabahar nature and have good memories. If you need a guide to travel to Chabahar, you can go to the address   maliheh5889 @ in the telegram and address malihe8906 on Instagram or email - -find me and leave a message. Tell;00989127603278 #CRESTContest