Holy Land

Carpe diem


On the beach in Tel Aviv reigns wonderful atmosphere. A long, sandy beach, beautiful sea, people walk their dogs and chat nicely.

Researching the end of the beach you will get into the surf community where friendly guys will take care that your surfing went absolutely great.


Having a wonderful way to the other side of the beach, you will be taken to the old town, it’s really very picturesque, and beauty. #CRESTContest

The class is held on a hill with an amazing view, I think this is a great idea and our common future.

Dead Sea

Be sure to visit this place, it dries out every day and once it disappears completely, sea filled with incredible mineral content and is good for your body.

This fantastic men is 92 years, after 50, he began to practice yoga, every Tuesday he goes to the dead sea, smiles relentlessly and laughs, just enjoys life.

Also take a dip in the Jordan River, my friend healed her soul by bathing there and I heard many more healing stories, by myself i felt how light the feeling inside was.


Be sure to take a trip to Jerusalem, this place is saturated with holy energy that nourishes you with peace and light inside, will give you the new strength and love.

Our life is an art, let's create it.