In the Lives and Times of the Healers

A Journey Through North East India

This story follows the tribal herbal healers of North East India and their inspiration from nature It represents the biodiversity of the region and ways of life of the locals

A traditional house of the tribe ‘Lepcha’ Such homes are eco friendly and built from local and natural resources.

Offerings in a Buddhist ceremony

Chi- The millet natural alcoholic beverage. This drink finds itself in all Tribal rites from birth to death

Traditional mud kitchen keeps the house warm in winters and cool in summers

The indigenous people have lived in harmony with nature and possess great knowledge of the flora and it’s benefits.

Turmeric root used to treat Jaundice

The healers are an indispensable and accessible part of their community. They treat people free of charge and accept whatever their patients offer.


By Shefali Bharati

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