Dreams come true

#crestcontest Inst: adinayesimova

Do you believe in dream come true ? I would talk about my story and prove you that it true.

In the summer 2018 I had a chance to visit USA. Arriving in NY, I got out of the metro surrounded by skyscrapers, bright advertising billboards and a stream of people in a hurry somewhere. For the first 20 minutes I was standing and just could not believe that I was where I once dreamed to be and did not even suspect that the dream would come true. I first felt the taste of real freedom.

Our trip began with a trip to Niagara falls.It was just incredible.

My old dream was to visit the border of the USA and Canada,but unfortunately we could not find how to get there. Prior to our departure were podcas. I had to put up with the impracticability of the dream. But suddenly, my friends grabbed my hand and we ran at full speed to the very border. Kind workers at the customs border gave permission and warned about the beginning of the fireworks. It was magical. P.S.: We caught our bus .

Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas

A city that comes alive at night...

One of America's famous natural attractions- Grand canyon is one of the deepest canyons in the world.

Valley of fire. It feels like walking on Mars.

Horseshoe on the Colorado river

Then we went to the home of all Hollywood movies-Los Angeles

And of course we stopped at the universal Studio. If you have long dreamed of acting in any film, then you certainly here.. scenery, heroes, special effects all this will help you to plunge into the atmosphere of some blockbuster.

There's also Another dream was fulfilled -" to leave the Muggle world and plunge into the world of wizards┬╗

San Francisco

Next was the Ghost town of Kaliko we plunged into the world of the wild West

Our trip was over, it was an incredible journey. Everything I dreamed of came true in one summer! Dream, believe and everything will come true!!!