The place where I left my heart

To understand who you are someone goes to psychologist, someone jumps from a bungee. I choose to travel. Missed flight, forgotten tickets, stolen wallet and banal temperature - there is no better way to check yourself !


The older I get the more distant directions I can afford. So this summer I broke free from Europe and came to Cuba.

Did I know that their monthly salary is about 30$? That the shelves in the shop are empty? That they live in the incredible houses, but in many of there is no water and light? That prostitution is so common that you don’t even have to search?

Yes, I knew

But I also knew that Cuba is a distinctive, amazing country

Besides the incredible nature, wealth of Cuba is people

Responsive, gentle and courageous. Doctor neurosurgeon works in his spare time as an illegal taxi driver to help the family.

The family which is forced to sell the goods from their store for a pittance because the state has banned the private sale of souvenirs

Or theman on a white horse (just like from a fairy tale) that shows you the way when you get lost in the


The woman asking me to buy a good pair of headphones for her daughter, because they can’t buy it on the island

For all that people are happy, don’t get angry and continue to be sincere

I brought from the island more than just impressions and photos. I brought the dream to be as strong as the Cubans and stand firmly on my way no matter how hard it was!


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  • Klych

    Как же они живут на 30 долларов?

  • masha_golyb

    Совсем другой уровень цен! Уже мало, но все еще действует система талонов. Да и кубинцы стараются подзаработать на туристах, в Гаване, Варадеро и городах побольше их всегда много!

  • wildecherry

    I love the way you write

  • Sveta

    Мы тоже оставили свои сердца здесь 🥰

  • masha_golyb

    @wildecherry thank you so much! This is my first time in telling story here. So it is really important for me!

  • masha_golyb

    @Sveta и я прекрасно вас понимаю) очень жалела, что не приехала на больше и не смогла объехать большую часть острова

  • wildecherry

    Looking forward for more!

  • simone_wit

    Lovely story Masha!

  • aconica

    My heart is there right now !

  • masha_golyb

    @simone_wit thank you very much! especially valuable to get a comment from you because you stories and photo so beautiful

  • masha_golyb

    @aconica Cuba is love for a life)

  • richardbangs

    you make it look so gorgeous!

  • mrsp

    Let my heart ❣ and soul in Cuba 🇨🇺 💋


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