Looking back, January gave us some amazing light. Some crazy blue skies. Some beautiful sunsets - sunsets that felt unexpected until the sky erupted. Of course there were grey days too. The cover and the next two photos are from January 26, walking home from the gym in a bitterly icy wind. I couldn’t resist the tones of timber and stone against this cold blue-grey light.

And there was that day when my Instagram feed seemed to be full of snowy photos, only we didn’t have any snow. It was a beautiful day with a clear blue sky. I went for a walk with Harris and found a random patch of snow on the beach.

Then there was this walk at Portobello. I met my friend Lynn and we wandered along the beach, catching up on life while being amazed by the light. It was a cold, frosty day, but the sunlight was incredible and the Forth was so calm.

There was this walk at John Muir Country Park. Again, this light, with cotton candy clouds skimming over the bay, followed by this gentle glowing sunset.

And again, at John Muir Country Park. It had been raining as we drove down the coast, and the skies were still grey when we parked. I assumed the light wouldn’t be good for photos. We walked through the woods to the bay as the sky was clearing, and then, suddenly, as we reached the bay and looked back, the sky was painted in coral.

And then, January 31. It was frosty and bright. I took the bus across town with the lads (the lads being Harris and Bracken) and got off near the harbour to walk back along the sea front. Just look at this blue...

Shot on iPhone

January 2019