South Africa and Namibia

two countries in 16 days

During 16 days, I traveled through Namibia and South Africa by jeep. It was a fantastic experience to see the vast landscapes in Namibia, the mountains in South Africa and all of the animals. The landscapes were very diverse and there were a lot of different animals to spot in both countries.

South Africa

During my visit in South Africa, I saw a lot of different animals but the most striking thing about this country was the people and the landscapes. Everything from the mountains to the coast was amazing and the people I met on the way through this country were very nice and welcoming.

The Border

When I crossed the border between South Africa and Namibia it shocked me how many people that were living there. Houndreds of people lived on the South African side of the boarder and their only income came from cooking to people passing.

The South African coast were just as wonderful as the mountains. It had lots of nice beaches with turqouise water. I lived right next to the famous Boulders Beach for four days where I went snorkeling with the penguins that lived there. During my last days in South Africa, I also visited the Cape of Good Hope which was fantastic.


This vast country is one of the best places I’ve ever visited. As I drove through almost every part of Namibia during my stay, I saw beautiful deserts, fantastic wildlife and amazing sunsets. The few people I met during my visit in Namibia were very kind and helping.

Etosha National Park

This National Park was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. There were litteraly no hights and almost no shadow except from below the very few visable trees in the area. There were not so much vegetation and you could spot the animals from a very long distance.

In Namibia I visited Sossusvlei, a place that I for sure will visit again. It was my best experience from this trip and everything from the sunrise to the sunset was fantastic. I climbed on top of two dunes called Dune 45 and the Elim Dune (both had fantastic views over the desert). On Dune 45 I watched the sunrise and on top of the Elim Dune I viewed the sunset.

On top of Elim Dune, Sossusvlei

”Skeleton Coast”

Fish River Canyon

The last place I visited in Namibia was the worlds second largest canyon. This place was beautiful and I stayed at a camp just a few hundred meters from one of the viewpoints. I viewed the sunset from the viewpoint and it was one of the best sunsets that I’ve ever watched.

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