Chic Chocs

Snowmageddon hit Quebec's Gaspe Peninsula, dropping nearly 100 cm of snow at the Auberge de Montagne des Chic-Chocs in just 48 hours. Our timing was impeccable. We arrived just as the storm relented. Over three days, we explored the Chic Chocs and discovered it doesn't get much better than east-coast skiing.

Earning our turns on the uptrack

Enjoying the downhill reward

Day 1: Arrival The Auberge de Montagne des Chic-Chocs isn't off the side of the highway. It's deep in the backcountry and off grid. From Saint-Anne-Des-Monts, it's a 3 hour trip by bus and snowcat. Once we arrived, we spent the afternoon skiing short laps near the lodge.

Day 2: Skiing Frere du Mont Nicol-Albert We used the snowcat to access the base of Frere du Mont Nicol-Albert. From there, the guide team built a skin track, which we used all day. Ski up hill. Ski downhill. Repeat, until exhaustion.

Day 3: Skiing Mont Coleman After staring at the impressive peak for two days, we set out to ski from its summit. During the traverse, we traveled 10 km, ascended 1000 m and enjoyed four downhill runs. We failed to reach the summit, but the skiing was worth every moment outside.

In just three days, My entire perspective of east coast skiing changed. By any standards, Backcountry skiing in the Chic-Chocs is phenomenal. Go ski the east. It's deeper than you think!

As always, it's one thing to see the experience and quite another to live it yourself. To learn more, follow these links: - the Auberge website - - My story on -

My trip was part of a photo and video collaboration with Quebec Maritime. Check out their website and get inspired to plan your own trip to Gaspesie, Quebec. Blog: Quebec Maritime

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