Oyster format parquet in probably the best oyster bar in the world

Médaille D’Or Paris 2014

Fauchon, Place de la Madeleine, Paris

Oysters date from the Roman times. In 1922, they suffered a big epidemic that caused a complete extermination of the breed. Few years later, the Portuguese oyster, replaced the original oyster from Marennes Oléron.

Every evening, apart from Sunday’s, there is a dj playing music

The dj platform is made up from the same floorboards for which access is granted along 2 boards in the central area

In the year 1967, a second epidemic devastated almost the totality of the species. This time, an oyster from Japan « Crassostrea Gigas » has replaced the extinguished Portuguese. This one is, nowadays, maturing in Amélie’s Claires Marennes Oléron.