Small Towns of Texas

Jarrell, TX

So I host Photowalks, Meetups, model shoots and road trips in and around the Hill Country of Texas. Translated into anywhere within three (3) hours of Austin Texas. I have a group I lean on to join me on these excursions. Sometimes 10...sometimes 1. Either way, its always fun and entertaining.

This is a continuation of one of those times. Road Trip to five (5) small Texas towns. @tnkarts , @classiurge were the only ones to join me. Because of the amount of cool shots, I have broken these into several stay tuned for more after this.

Jarrell was founded in 1909, by a real estate developer. It became an inspection of the stagecoach route and Bartlett and Western Railway. Soon after the Railroad was finished, the town began sprouting up. Unfortunately the closing of the Railway and decline of cotton, led to a serious recession.

In 1997 a F5 Tornado touched down, killing 27 people and 300 cattle and horses. Completely wiping out the Double Creek Estates. The town is slowly growing this time. New development, housing and businesses are making their way from Austin.

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