January feels like a month for pawrest. It’s dark and it’s cold and the days are so short. But we still managed to find light and we had some long, long walks. And we soaked up as many sniffs as we could.

Let’s call this one: when your Uncle’s bottom photobombs your carefully composed logtrait. Family, right?

Talking of family, this feels like a good moment to introduce ourselves to people who maybe haven’t met us before, or haven’t been following us here for very long. So, hello 👋🏻. I’m Harris. I narrate these stories. I’m seven years old and I love exploring. My favourite things include going on new adventures, long beach walks, woodland paths that are filled with sniffs, snuggling with Mum, snuggling with my Uncle Bracken, and grouching,

And this handsome fellow is my Uncle Bracken. Technically he’s not my Uncle. I’m his Uncle, but that’s confusing. Bracken is nine so, as the older and (he likes to think) wiser hound of the family, he’s my Uncle. Bracken’s favourite thing in the world is food, closely followed by Dad. Bracken describes himself as a “deep thinker, an old soul who has found myself in a dachshund body.” Mum describes Bracken as “the most stubborn being I have ever encountered.”

Does anything beat this feeling of freedom?

People sometimes pause and chat to us. Mostly to Bracken as he just has that look of a fellow you want to talk to. And sometimes there are questions. Our most asked questions include: “Is he part-schnauzer?” This one is directed at me and it’s a compliment as we love schnauzers (they feel like cousins) but we’re both miniature wirehaired dachshunds. I’m a soft wire, and my eyebrows and beard give me a schnauzer-ish look.

“Those little legs must get tired!” (Okay, technically not a question.) Ehm, yes, but so do human legs. Or other dogs with longer legs. We’re strong and we can walk for miles. We just don’t need a lot of daily walking the way some bigger dogs do, and you may not find us climbing any mountains, but we love long walks.

“Is he a Dandie Dinmont?” Again I get asked this a lot. So we share a long body and short legs, but we have a different head shape and different fur. Dandie Dinmonts are Scottish by origin and are terriers, while we’re hounds and our ancestors from way back in time were German. Dandie Dinmonts are an old Scottish breed, and pretty rare - in the top 10 rarest breeds in the UK - which is probably why we get asked this a lot.

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