Recently, I have made work that deals with body issues that are not usually addressed as they relate to the stereotypical masculine male. Dwayne Butcher

Dwayne Butcher, a keen social observer and curator, is known for making insightful paintings and videos that comment on his life as a card-carrying citizen of the American South. For several years he has made work on black canvases with white text that examines normal conventions of gender and social class.

Thinking about limitations and excuses people put on themselves, Butcher creates work that addresses these factors that limit growth and quality of life in all genders as it relates to presentation on social media and how that contradicts a regular, daily appearance.

“As individuals, what we post on our social media accounts is not reality, rather it is our ideal selves. How we want the world to see us. It is hard to have an ideal self when you eat way too many chicken wings, and constantly worry about what others think of you, even for the big tough guys out there. So, let’s embrace it. Let’s confront that body image issue directly.”

Dwayne Butcher was born in Arkansas and lives and works as an artist, writer and curator in Memphis. He received his MFA from Memphis College of Art and BFA from the University of Memphis. He has exhibited work in Paris, Helsinki, Milan, Amsterdam, Washington D.C., New York, Los Angeles and Chonging, China. Articles about his work and community art projects have been published in the New York Times, The Washington Post, Hyperallergic, Art21 and Big, Red and Shiny. His own writing has been published in the Memphis Flyer, Burnaway and BMore Art. Butcher is Director of Digital Content for Rhodes College, Memphis.

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