This spring, David Lusk Gallery Nashville continues a celebration of 45 years of Robert Rector’s painting career featuring balanced, geometric, textured paintings.

Thick blocks of color and gestural marks slashed across the surface create a tension in each composition not unlike two opposing sides of human nature: the ordered and rational, the instinctive and spontaneous.

“We could call these dichotomies visionary theaters that offer a vivid contrast between restraint and passion, almost between classicism and romanticism. In such manner, with almost Puritanical devotion, Rector cajoles viewers into a mood of speculative deliberation that seeks to harmonize what seems to be the incongruity of surface, mood, hue and gesture.” Fredric Koeppel

Through extensive experimentation with surface treatments and an architectural approach to composition, Rector has built a body of work that extends the legacy of abstract expressionism while also incorporating elements of his personal reflection.

Rector’s works on paper are as much paintings as they are studies of form. Rector received his BFA and MFA from Louisiana State University. He has shown in solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States, including a recent retrospective at the Shaw Center for the Arts, Baton Rouge.

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