Book Thirteen: Roma in Silver

A Charmed Life

Vintage silver souvenir travel charms of Rome on a vintage silver bracelet.

These charms were collected and the bracelet was made long after my first trip to Italy: It was my first trip to Europe. It was my honeymoon.

The Arch of Constantine →︎

Fontana Del Tritone →︎

Foro Romano Once the site of daily life

The streets were ablaze with sun and tourists. The lira could buy a fortune. The smell of bread baking awoke us in the morning. The heat took away sleep. My hairdryer blew out the electricity in the entire hotel. It was another world. It was 1976.

Fontana Del Moro →︎

People would throw coins into the fountains. They’d dip their feet. They’d rest in rows on The Spanish Stairs. It was “Roman Holiday,” It was “La Dolce Vita.”

Fontana Di Trevi →︎

The Coliseum was built of travertine, tufa rock, concrete, the largest amphitheater ever, completed in AD 80. It could hold 80,000 people who watched the public spectacles. →︎

I’ll Colosseo

Romulus and Remus, the mythological twins who founded Rome, suckled by a she-wolf; Basilica San Pietro (Vatican City State) →︎

We had an insatiable thirst and drank aqua minerale everywhere we could get it. The food was divine, even in intense heat. But the hunger was for Italy.

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  • Cinder

    This is the closest I’ve ever been to the City of Fountains. Well done, Sue!

  • SansSouciBlogs

    @Cinder been to the little towns and on the back roads over 5-6 trips. My fave country. An incredible country.