The Grand Prix Historique experience


Ah, Monaco. The stuff of dreams.

Wealthy dreams.

It is home to the most famous and incredible street circuit in the world.

Each year around Ascension Day, the tiny principality of Monaco is transformed into a Formula 1 circuit for one of the world’s most renowned races - the Monaco Grand Prix, a tradition dating back to 1929. To celebrate the event’s glorious history, the Grand Prix Historique is held two weeks before the Grand Prix itself. You are here to report on the 2018 edition.


In less than a month a full Grand Prix circuit is erected among the city’s highrise. It fully consists of temporary structures. These include 1100 tons of grandstand materials, 21km of Armco barriers, 20,000sqm of fencing, tyre walls made up from 1420 tyres, 800 fire extinguishers and 10 cranes strategically stationed around the track.

Gates are opened and fences taken down every night to allow people to return to their homes...

While life goes on right in the middle of all of it...


In the paddock they only care about the racing, preparing their cars with a passion and the utmost attention to detail. As the sun sets, some are done for the day but others will go on, as Friday’s first practice has already taken its toll on several cars.

Handling her husband’s overalls with care - but she’s a racer herself too!


On Saturday, the tension rises as the cars go out for qualifying, lap times determining the order of each starting grid. Standing and shooting trackside is a privilege larger than at any other circuit in the world. Your toes will never come closer to being run over than here, and cars are never louder than in Monaco’s famous tunnel...

Some mechanics will have overnight work to repair all the damage.

But there’s a reward.


Race day! The 150+ cars are separated into eight races according to their time period. The experience of seeing, hearing, even feeling an entire field of classic Grand Prix machines bellow past you, mere feet away, defies belief. It’s a rush!

Then the rain comes.

With dire consequences for some.

But through it all come the winners, sharing the spoils with their trusty mechanic.


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  • karen_claudia_

    Wat een gaaf inkijkje in dit historisch event

  • mdiepraam

    Ha, dank je wel voor je compliment, @karen_claudia_, blij mee! 👍🏽😘

  • simone_wit

    Mooie verhaallijn. Je voelt de spanning opbouwen.

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    Dank je wel, @simone_wit, dat hoor ik natuurlijk graag! 😎😘

  • Aury_ga

    Beautiful story! I can not decide which page I like best. The images with the drivers and mechanics at the paddock are wonderful and those of the cars in the race even more. Congratulations, a great job! 👍👍🙋

  • mdiepraam

    Marvellous compliments, Aurelia, thank you. Really heartwarming, and great to know that you feel the vibe. 🙏🏽😘 @Aury_ga