My Selfie Buddy

Beauxregard James

Several years ago, I mentioned to my oldest about getting a Selfie stick. My ambition was to use it easier than holding my tripod aloft to get taller pictures than my 5’4” stature. She says I am lying. Her response was.... ‘Get one and I’ll beat you silly with it’!! I believe she thought I was going to start selfie-myself everywhere. Ah No! My response was to take a Selfie-Buddy along instead. So meet Beauxregard James. He came attached to another stuffed Tiger I purchased. I had removed him and then wasn’t sure what to do with him. About this time my Father passed away. So the name came naturally since We are from the South and my Dad’s name is James.

He now is creating his own following on IG and not doing half bad, occasionally I do a Selfie with him. But for the most part he is my Selfie. You can find him enjoying adventures with me everywhere. He has climbed the Tower in Bristol, England. Swam with the sharks in the Bahamas. Enjoyed touring Plantations in Louisiana and so much more. You can find him under beauxregard_james on IG. He is hilarious on slow mo video 🤗🥴

Painted Churches of Texas

Tyler Texas

I loan him out for modeling gigs

He is now an official Rebel. Much like me. We found this helmet on one of our Photowalks. Cleaned it up and fits him perfectly. Since it has chew marks, I think a dog lost his play toy. Every so often he wears it. Just to show off mostly.

He swims with the Koi like he did with the sharks in the Bahamas

Always. Always meets new friends

ACL more than once

Hampton Court Palace

Karl Marx Monument

Tower Bridge in London

Roman Baths in Bath

Yep, even with a @Bansky original

Big Ben National Park. More than once

Waaay more than once

And one of the few selfies we have done together!

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