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pst...scroll down Viñales Is about 112 miles SW of Havana. The Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is known for its tobacco farms and timeless slow pace. You can tour working farms, go horse back riding, hiking, mountain biking, caving, and learn to roll cigars. AIRBNB experiences are a great way to see all that Viñales has to offer. I have a few of my fave’s listed at the end.

This is Jesús, and this is his farm. 👉

Tobacco seeds are TINY, about the size of poppy seeds. The crops are planted in October and the harvest begins in the end of January.

If I’m not mistaken the longer the ash represents a better quality cigar.

The center vain is removed from the leaves leaving them nicotine free.

The leaves are layered and rolled tightly.

A little honey is added for the ladies.

The lower leaves are cut first and hung on racks in the sun. They’re then strung and hung in the barns filling them from floor to ceiling.

The government is entitled to 90% of the crop. They will become Romeo & Juliet’s or Cohiba’s. The farmers keep 10% to smoke or to sell to tourists.

The experience I did isn’t available right now but these are calling me ! 👉AIRBNB EXPERIENCE 👈

Next time I’m in Viñales I’m going to book this 👉AIRBNB EXPERIENCE👈


Yep, that’s me 😄 I am an iPhonographer, I take small groups of people on photo excursions in Cuba. All of these pictures were taken during my class, and on my iPhone. My next class is May 9-16 2019. November dates will be announced soon.