Christmas Lites


In 2018, it was a short year for photography for me. So I took full advantage of traveling to a couple of towns to capture their Christmas Lighting. Following the crowds and patiently waiting to capture some pictures. I felt adventurous again. Not to mention it got the creatives juices going, that had lapsed over the last year.

Pedernales Electric Company in Johnson City, Texas

I learned to zoom and capture at the same time on my smart phone. So I went a bit nuts for an hour...playing.

Then I spun the phone, handheld instead of using a tripod

Because when you have an over abundance of Christmas Lites, it is time to use the advantage offered

Burnett, Texas

Fredericksburg, Texas

In the German tradition, this is usually powered by the heat of the candles to make it turn. For obvious reasons, something two and half stories tall, candles don’t work. The wind, however does...

Georgetown Texas

The effect happened, when removing my wide angle lens from the smart phone, and fat fingers here pushed the shutter. I really like it!

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