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I'm not a big fan of the Valentine's Day but many people have asked me for suggestions of sweets. Today here is the cake made for the party of lovers with the cream that I published last week on social media. Is this the final result? You like it? This kind of cakes are a must at this time especially with letters and numbers. They are made in large formats. I decided to do it in a single-portion version or better still a portion to be divide. I photographed this cake as simply as possible because I thought it was only her. If in the next few days you will also realize it, please label me, which always pleases me.

Ingredients: 200g of 00 flour 100g of sugar 90g of butter 2 egg yolks 100g white chocolate 250g of spreadable cheese 75g of powdered sugar 100g of fresh raspberries 2 raspberry or strawberry macaron 6 small merons #recipe for 2 mini cake

How to do: Mix the flour with the sugar. Add the soft butter and the two egg towers. Work all the ingredients until you get the classic shortbread ball. Wrap it in the foil and let it rest in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. Roll out the pastry with the rolling pin to the thickness of 4mm.

Obtained 4 hollow hearts with a diameter of 12cm with a thickness of 2cm. Cook the pastry at 180 ° C for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then let it cool. Make the cream with the electric whisk or the planetary spreadable cheese and powdered sugar. Then add the melted chocolate and lastly at least 5 raspberries. If you want a more intense cream, increase the number of raspberries. Transfer the cream to a few with a smooth nozzle. Whip your cake by putting a little cream on the serving plate. Place the first layer of pastry.

Arrange regular tufts of cream. Place the second pastry heart. Take a second round of cream tufts. Decorated on the surface with a macaron, 2 meringues and about 5 fresh raspberries to taste. If you want you can make the variant with only meringues without macaron and then increase the number of meringues to 3 or 4. Direct link in Italian click here

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