Brussels most impressive museum

Fine Arts Museum

3 very different museums together: fine arts, fin-de-siècle and Margritte #fineartsmuseum #margritte #paleis #brussel #bruxelles #panamarenko #dali #modernart #contemporaryart #schonekunsten #regentschapsstraat #findesiecle #museum #brussels

All them years in Belgium and never been there before, shame on me. Free of charge for <18yr and >60yr Full rate, i paid €15

How this guy got king is rather unbelievable READ MORE

How much this picture makes me feel as if i was back at my grandparents

René Margritte Ceci n’est pas une pipe

The sky is day but on the ground it is night

Dead of Marat, by David

Marat was an extreme enemy of the French monarchy and a friend of the painter, David. He was killed by a housemaid that got access through the sneeky letter he holds in his hand. Marat suffered a skin desease and wrote manifestos while in his bath. READ MORE

The first martyr for politics

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