‘J O Y F U L


“...we don't have to feel happy all the time or have a picture-perfect life to experience joy. rather, joy is made up of life's ups and downs all together. how grateful we are for a layered life experience to learn and grow from, always finding joy in the journey.”

- heather fujikawa and heidi andrews

so happy to be in this new book, ‘joyful living,’ from heather fujikawa and heidi andrews... it features pages of beautiful images and thoughts on living with joy, in our daily lives, by contributors from around the world

and you can enter to win your own copy! (see the link, on the last page)

we all have those wondrous elements in our lives, which draw joy out...in perfect little surprising moments of smiles and laughter and euphoria. and though we're surrounded by them, they often go unseen, unnoticed. everyday is another chance to consciously make the choice to let the world in (and to let joy wash over me)...to seek out the bits of life that give me happiness, to open myself up to the unfound joy of new experiences, and to daily choose to hold onto the child-like wonder of the mysteries and beauty in the world surrounding me.

joy is found in those moments when the mind and heart harmonize and allow us to truly feel and see and hold onto the endless pieces of beauty in the world

song: ‘hold my name’ - by ocie elliot *to enter the book giveaway: https://instagram.com/p/BtgfGvnAVrv/

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