Lianzhou China

In November 2018, we visited Lianzhou in northwest of Guangdong Province. It offers a wide range of cultures due to its location at the intersection of Hunan, Guangxi and Guangdong provinces.

A mountain needn't be high, 山不在高, It is famous so long as there is a deity on it. 有仙则名。

The terrace fields will become green in Spring and yellow in the fall.

A lake needn't be deep, 水不在深, It has supernatural power so long as there is a dragon in it. 有龙则灵。

The Lianzhou underground river runs through four mountains, and has many oddly-shaped stalactites.

My home is humble, 斯是陋室, But it enjoys the fame of virtue so long as I am living in it. 惟吾德馨。

Some of the houses were built in the Song Dynasty a thousand years ago.

Yaozu musician playing traditional instrument

Yaozu totem is believed to dispel evils and bring good luck.

❤️ Eirik Fung Photography November 2018

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