Dragon Back Trail Hong Kong

2/2 2019

Dragon Back is one of the best urban hikes in Hong Kong. It has a sightseeing platform near the peak that provides truly spectacular views of southern Hong Kong Island and its shoreline.

Redhill Peninsular in Tai Tam is an area of low-rise luxurious apartments and houses

Steven. Eirik. Francis. Horace Trained the HP Ways in 90’s

Shek O Country Club, in the southeast side of the island, gives its private members and guests the best golfing experience in Hong Kong

After an hour walk of sharp descent on an uneven stone and dirt path, we exited the trail and arrived at the Big Wave Bay, where is popular for surf lovers.

It is always quite hazy in the winter in Hong Kong. We don’t have the best clear views but still enjoy this hike and the spectacular views very much. Of course, the gathering with friends and talks about the good old days and the shared memories made an awesome day.

❤️ Eirik Fung Photography February 2019

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