Willet Holthuyzen house


Amazing house along Keizersgracht

Built in 1687, at the end of Amsterdam's Golden Age, along the smartest of the canals. From 1861 to 1895 the house was occupied by Abraham Willet and his rich wife Sandrina Holthuysen.

We was the first visitors of the day so it was as if the house was ours all through the tour

What a great mirror scene. Even more impressive than the mirror scene in Snowy White and the 7 Dwarfs.

As per her testimony, in 1895, Sandrina bequeathed the house and its contents, including her husband's extensive art collection to the City of Amsterdam.

Abraham’s desk with view upon French garden

A year after Sandrina passed away, the house was transformed into a museum named after herself and her husband. Now, more than hundred years later, Museum Willet Holthuysen, is still open to the public

Sandrina‘s bed and bathroom

At first, Sandrina‘s parents did not allow her to mary Abraham. Abraham was not enough rich and had a reputation of having had too many mistresses.



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