Was January an exciting month? Well no. Lots of Marie Kondo tidying and not so uplifting ‘Things To Do’. Was January a soothing month? Defenitely! Between saying ‘thank you and goodbye’ to half of my closet and administration obligations, I enjoyed the stillness of white winter days, discovered hearts and stars in nature and made new travel plans. So, no complaints about the start of 2019.

Frost beautifies everything it covers.

Love is everywhere.


in the sky

My travels in 2019: Austria Dutch coast Ile de Ré Barcelona Valencia My sporty goals: Swimming in the Amsterdam canals at the Amsterdam City Swim for ALS. Walking from the north to the south in the Netherlands on the Pieterpad trail for dogs and kids in need. What are your plans? #travel #stellerstory #crestcontest #nature #dog #january #winter #netherlands

My dog Lupa wants to travel to Australia in 2019.

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  • mdiepraam

    Voor mij ook lekker langzaam... maar je hebt mooie plannen! 😎✌🏽

  • kerrieturcic

    So pretty. I love Lupa. :)

  • simone_wit

    @kerrieturcic thank you Kerrie! Lupa is the prettiest and sweetest! Haha.

  • havwoods

    Very nice story, Great shot. At first i thought these shots were American. Goed werk. Schoonpa leidt aan ALS

  • coppernotes

    Beautiful Simone! And lovely to have travel plans and some big goals! 🙌🏻💫

  • simone_wit

    @havwoods dankjewel! ALS is een vreselijke ziekte. Sterkte met schoonpapa!

  • simone_wit

    @copperline thanks dear! Do you know already where you will go next Summer? And God help me with the swimming goal!

  • coppernotes

    That’s a BIG goal! 😲 Not sure - we want to explore the Highlands and the west coast of Scotland, but would need to do this out of midge season - so definitely not summer! Also very keen to explore Cornwall.

  • simone_wit

    @copperline both destinations sound great! Would love to watch stories of both. Good luck deciding and planning.

  • coppernotes

    Cornwall is a loooong drive for us - we’ve been meaning to visit for a few years but the drive is a challenge as we can’t share it as I can’t drive (yet!) so that trip might have to wait until I can... no pressure! 😅

  • nwndw

    Meanwhile i want to skip January and admit that my 2019 starts from February

  • karen_claudia_

    Prachtig!!! En dat laatste haha... Maf beest

  • simone_wit

    @nwndw haha everything will be all right 😄 Good luck!

  • simone_wit

    @karen_claudia_ als zij nou die tunnel graaft, loop ik er achter aan!

  • fatimanawabi

    Amazing shot!!

  • simone_wit

    @Steller Thank you! 🙏🏻 Enjoy the second half of tge weekend!

  • simone_wit

    @nawabi thanks! Do you mean the cover?

  • SansSouciBlogs

    I enjoyed your collection, Simone! ~Sue in NY

  • simone_wit

    @SansSouciBlogs thank you so much Sue! That’s great to read. 👐🏻

  • hollyxomorgan

    These are beautiful pictures! So inspiring. It’s amazing to see how everyone creates albums. I am new to blogging so I can tell I still have a lot to learn.

  • AndreaGulickx

    de start was inderdaad mooi en jouw foto's ook. mooie story


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