Atacama Desert, Chile

Ultimate Stargazing

With high altitude, few nearby settlements and the wide-open Atacama Desert all around, there is little in the way of light pollution or radio interference to distract from the view. On a clear night with no moon, the show includes up to 6,000 stars.

Light pollution in North and South America.

Man on the Moon? No, it’s the Atacama Desert

The skies above the Atacama Desert are gleaming with highlights of the Southern Hemisphere, including the Southern Cross, the Andromeda Galaxy, assorted nebulae and star clusters.

A perfectly starry Atacama Desert sky...

Plus a Meade 16” f/10 LX200R Advanced RC Telescope...

Ideal conditions for astrophotography.

The Elqui Valley of Chile will be crowded with eclipse chasers around July 2, 2019, when the 90-mile region will be in the path of totality β€” the day darkens as the moon blankets the sun β€” for the next solar eclipse.

The 2010 Total Solar eclipse as viewed in the Atacama Desert

A celestial treat on January 21 when the full moon turned coppery red during the only total eclipse of 2019, as seen from the Atacama Desert.

Travelers at @Explora Atacama have a show waiting just overhead all year round.

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