Changing Light on Bonatti’s Mountain

The Dru

The Grande Aiguille du Dru (3,754m) is one of the great peaks in the Mont Blanc Massif. In 1955, young Italian climber Walter Bonatti pioneered a new route, solo, up the mountain’s south-west face. Bonatti left with provisions for 2 days but spent 5 nights in hanging bivouacs on the mountain before reaching the summit.

It remains one of Alpinism’s greatest and most inspiring achievements. Bonatti’s route, the famous ‘Bonatti Pillar’ collapsed in a massive rockfall in 2005. I spent an afternoon and evening in awe of the changing light on Boanatti’s mountain, deeply inspired by the presence of his loving spirit.

Then the full moon rose directly behind the peak

You can take in The Dru’s magic too. Travel from Chamonix by funicular train to Montenvers and behold some of the world’s unparalleled natural beauty.

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  • petebryant

    Great story!!! Would like to visit there...where did you stay!

  • scottpoynton

    There’s a hotel at Montenvers at the viewpoint, end of station above Chamonix. It’s called Hotel Montenvers. It’s great. Or you can stay at Chamonix.

  • Sigitw

    Yeapp.. great story👍👍👍


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