Guiding the Southwest

With Austin Adventures

Every summer, in addition to working as a freelance photographer, I work as a guide in the National Parks of the west for Austin Adventures. Last summer was no exception as I headed down to Utah to guide in Bryce and Zion. Here’s a rundown of what an average week looks like for my guests.

Day 1

Our first day we pick up in Las Vegas and hit the road with St George, Utah on the radar. As we enter Snow Canyon State Park we get our first taste of ‘slickrock’ and the beautiful red rocks of Southern Utah. After a quick hike we head off for our first bike ride of the trip.

Day 2

Today we head up high to Cedar Breaks National Monument (at around 10,000 feet). A short hike leads to stunning views. After the hike we get to bike down to the city of Panguitch, a stunning bike ride through various ecosystems.

Day 3

After a restful night’s sleep right within Bryce Canyon National Park we head down into the hoodoos of Bryce for an all day hike amongst giants. We stay a second night at Bryce Canyon National Park which allows for some of the best star gazing within minutes of our rooms.

Day 4

We take the leisure route towards Zion by biking through Red Canyon. By the afternoon we make it to Zion National Park and head to the iconic Angel’s Landing hike. Now this past summer Angel’s Landing was closed due to a flood washing the trail out, so we opted for a different hike. Here are a few photos from Angels Landing, and from our replacement hike.

The silver platter snacks are as much fun for me as a guide as they are for our guests.

Day 5

Our last full day of the trip is one of my favorites. We rent canyoneering boots for all of the guests and head into the famous Narrows.

Day 6

Our last morning is a leisurely one as we enjoy our final moments in Zion National Park before heading back to the airport in Las Vegas.

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  • coppernotes

    This landscape looks incredible! This place would blow my mind if I saw it in the flesh - the scale and colours. Amazing 🙌🏻

  • Nooraffizan

    A great life!

  • mountainsunsets

    Great photos and text


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