A month when we crammed in as many weekend beach and woodland walks as we could, regardless of the grey skies. And we found some light moments too.

In most of our stories here, we’re sharing photos where we’re on a rock or log or bench. We’re completely still. (For a few seconds at least.) But that’s not what our walks are about. We’re walking, we’re running, we’re sniffing and soaking in the adventure. Mum takes lots of 🎥 on these walks so we thought we’d share a few here. Because this is what it feels like to be on our walks.

low light at Ravensheugh Sands...

and stormy seas.

and these windy days! 🔊

John Muir Country Park ~ our favourite place to walk.


how amazing is this beach?

helping/not helping Dad with cardio at Yellowcraig.

The world according to Harris

say hello

shot on iPhone

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