for oiled floors in commercial applications: KIT 2a £103.95


For beauty, touch, genuine authenticity, repairability and long lasting OIL is the BEST FINISH for a wooden floor Though, oil finishes are not the easiest. They need care from DAY 1 Havwoods proposes 6 options, each in a KIT

KIT 1a initial treatment KIT 2a daily cleaning KIT 3a initial treatment & daily cleaning KIT 4a periodic maintenance KIT 5a complete claining & maintenance solution KIT 5a PLUS complete cleaning & maintenance solution with machine

1/3 Osmo mop set £51.95

2/3 Osmo Floor Maintenance Kit £27.95

Step 1 1 cover cap Wash&Care / L Step 2 Wipe the floor damp cloth

Yearly Renovation

3/3 protective felt pads (x2)

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