Rewinding a few weeks to December 27, when the weather forecast suggested sunshine so we drove over to Fife and to a favourite walk of ours at Tentsmuir National Nature Reserve. It was cold, but not bitter - not as cold as you’d expect for December - and there was beautiful light as we walked through the forest.

Whenever we visit Tentsmuir, we park in the main car park and head along the forest path in the direction of the Ice House. There’s a gate here that takes you over the grassland towards the beach, but on this visit that gate was closed so we walked a little further to a second gate that led across the mossy grassland on a different path. The light was constantly shifting as the sun was setting.

This one is never happier than when tracking pathways and sniffs.

Moss and heather creating beautiful delicate patterns. I love the tiny flourishes of soft pink in the second photo. One of those moments that reminds you to pause and pay attention to the beauty of nature, even in these most simple details.

This sound.

The light was so delicate.

These peaceful moments are everything. For me, they cleanse the mind from all the ‘noise’ of life. They encourage me to exhale, and then breathe in that cold air, recharging the senses.

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