Pack-in Elk Hunt

This past October I had the unique opportunity to join a 43-year Montana tradition. A horseback elk hunt, that led high into the Absaroka Mountains ensued.

Brothers, Jack and Martin, are true Montana cowboys. For the past 43 years they’ve been leading pack-in hunts via horseback. The trail leads to our home for the week, an 1893 homestead cabin, that has stood the test of time. Not much has changed in 115 years, right down to the wood fire stove and lanterns.

For a week we would leave the warmth of the cabin long before the sun would rise, and return after the sun had set. These were long days of battling the elements, but coming back every night to harrowing tales of grizzly bears, wolves, and the feet of snow that would often bury the cabin.

In the end, the hunters I was with didn’t fill their elk tag while I was there (two filled a tag after I left). But we all realized that this experience was far more than just a hunt, but an escape back to simpler times.

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