Over the past year, John Muir Country Park has become our favourite place to walk in East Lothian. This coastal walk lies on the edge of Belhaven, just outside Dunbar - which is where John Muir was born. We walk here most weekends and it always feels different - different light, different weather; from calm to stormy days; from leaden grey skies to glowing sunsets.

These photos are from our walk on Boxing Day. Christmas Day had been grey and gloomy, and we only had a short walk at Gullane beach, so we were glad for a slightly brighter Boxing Day and the chance for a longer walk. As we started this walk, we didn’t realise that the light was going to be so beautiful. We headed through the woods, and then here, as we reached the bay, the light shifted a little.

We walked along the path that leads round the bay. The sun was low, dipping behind the trees. I think this is my favourite light.

Walking here in summer and autumn, the path is lined in lush green ferns, which are now withered back to these coppery stalks.

Further along, the path dips down to the beach - inaccessible at high tide, but when the tide is out, it leaves this wide swathe of sand to walk along.

In one direction, the flame light of sunset; in the other, looking towards the sea, low cloud and a sky of blue. One scene, but two views with a contrasting mood.

Yes, I always call Harris ‘Sausage’.

If you turn up your volume, all you can hear is birdsong. These are the moments I crave.

I never do panoramas like this, but felt this view called for one.

And then, back onto the path that skirts the woodland, taking in the very last of the light.

We all need a quiet place.


Shot on iPhone.