the redhead girl next-door

Celebrating the natural beauty of women of a certain age with another portrait booklet, this time starring bubbly redhead Jeannette. She is my best mate, and grew even more beautiful once she passed forty. She was hesitant to pose at first but I was sure her girl-next-door charm would prevail. It did. Jeannette simply shines on a photo. Once it conquers her shyness, her smile will disarm entire legions.

That first pose. So shy, but that smile is eager to break through.

The next shoot - and there it is. So charming, so disarming.

Now confidence is added to the game. Jeannette looks powerful yet relaxed in a turtleneck sweater, jeans and boots.

A few months later: warm femininity with the sweetest of smiles.

Summer heat: eyes that need a warning sign against the risk of drowning.

A new year on the calendar but still a figure that is simply majestic. Jeannette nails the little black dress as she turns into a diva with a smouldering look.

A quick change of attire. The result is simply red.

The across-the-table iPhone shot. Aced it.

Adding her girlish charm to arguably Holland’s best-looking museum.

Showing the goods for her historical cooking blog

Now well into her fifties, Jeannette is still all radiance, instantly creating smiles all around her.


Locations: Grote Houtbrug, Florapark and Café Fortuyn in Haarlem, Jeannette’s home, Gemeentemuseum in The Hague, Huys Dever in Lisse #style #stellerstyle #model #stellermodel #portrait #portraits #stellerportraits #haarlem Gear: #olympus E-M1Mk2, #panasoniclumix GH3 & G3