“Father sun , I watch as you bathe Mother Earth with your light . You shine your power down and make things grow as well as burn . You are the creator and the destroyer. I , your daughter acknowledge your might. Here in the land of the beginning, why do you hide ? Are you afraid? Or are you merciful? You know your power and hide it so that the walkers and workers down below can live, and thrive .the miles they walk with you light and energy powering down on them. You’ve seen it all , every bit of the earth it yours . You are time, as I watch you rise in the east and ser gracefully in the west . You are never ceasing , always working to make sure life itself it maintained. I know your power father . The one who was there when life was created and will be the one to end her. You know her powers are weakening as mankind thrives . They don’t know your power , they don’t see your might . But I do . Your daughter, I who fears you but is not afraid, I who knows what you do and what you’ve seen. Pls watch over me as I glance upon you . “