2019 is the year I am chasing intentionally, purposeful living like I have never done before.

I spent all of 2018 in discovery and deep reflection of who I really am and what I want the rest of my time on this earth to mean. What legacy I want to leave and what impact I want to have.

In order to move forward, it is crucial to do the hard deep internal work. It wasn’t the easiest year, but it brought so many lessons and clarity. I decided that I want to live with intention and not by reaction.

I want to make purposeful decisions with clarity so that I am working towards my goals, in hope to help others on my way.

2018 you taught me the lessons that were harsh, but much needed. You brought peace and understanding with you at the end, and I will always be grateful for that. You showed me growth, how to break through patterns that no longer serve me, change my reality and manifest what I need. I finally swim in my own current, creating my own ripples, and allowing life to happen.

Being present and living the now. To live with less. To connect with people who inspire me.

Life is always work in progress. I wish everyone to find that spark in their soul, to find that purpose and to own the life they wish they could have.

You brought me to Banff, and surrounded me with most beautiful souls and I am already forever grateful for every human being, every sunrise, every sunset, every cloud, every magic moment I get to witness here. I find that people in mountains are little bit softer with their hearts and voice. I am already addicted of the energy that this place holds. I hope to see much more what you have to offer, but you hold my heart and my soul with every inch of your land. Thank you.

I am ready for you.