I have learned the best way to travel is to wander with knowledge of where you are going and the history it holds. Wander with no firm itinerary and wait for where you are, to show itself for what it truly is. Sadly I see groups scurrying around following the bright umbrella held high that keeps them in line and often wonder.... Whose eye is this traveler using to see what is before him? Dare to step off the well trodden path and make your own magic. Croatia is brilliant shining eye candy waiting for you to find it. Savor its Sounds and flavors. It is a land of lovely people

Don’t be the tourist who follows the lady with the umbrella held high. FIND YOUR OWN UMBRELLAS I promise, they are out there.

We crossed over on the ferry from Venice to Rovinj. Spent a week in Sveta Jelena exploring Northern Croatia. Then drove inland through the forests and flat land on the upper plateaus and back to the coast to Pula to see the musical sea wall. Following south to Split and a ferry to the Island of Brac exploring out Islands Hvar and Korcula by boat Then Brac by ferry to Makarska crossing into Bosnia and back into Croatia to the Oyster Farms of Ston Then to Dubrovnik at the southern end of Croatia 25 days of pure eye candy

Thank you for visiting Put Croatia on your bucket list It will not disappoint❤️. #croatia #travelersover70 #wegathernomoss #eyecandy #dubrovnik #70plusandstillclicking #throughmyeyes #split #adriatic #islandofbrac #stayworldly #crestcontest #bucketlist

  • havwoods

    Better than France, close to paradise. They deserved to win the WC

  • yanid

    Exotica 🏝️🏝️